The Travel Q’s

How long do you plan on travelling for?

No idea at this stage, we have got ourselves into a nice travel and work very occasionally balance thats working just fine.


Do you just travel Australia?

Nope. Most of our travels are here in Aus but we do like to get away overseas when we can too. Its a bit harder now we are not working full time. Since we moved into the van in Feb 2018 we spent a month in South Africa and a few weeks in Thailand, and yes the kids came with us.


Favourite spot so far?

Toughest question anyone will ever ask. We love different places for different reasons. We will always say Corindi - NSW, beautiful park, not much there and a fantastic beach that suits us for waves, kids for calm rock pools, so many shells to rummage through, a small grassy headland overlooking the beach with some amazing sunrise and sunsets to watch and close enough to Coffs Harbour for some action.

Maleny and the Sunshine Coast.

Port Lincoln

Ellis beach and Palm cove - although we can’t exactly swim in the beaches there

Airlie beach - We love the backpacker vibe, we love the boats, the water, the islands, and the lifestyle Airlie offers.


Where has been your least favourite place?

We will have to answer this one separately because I know Toms answer will be different to mine.

Claire - Alice Springs and Melbourne, although I am willing to go back and stay again to see if it changes my mind.

Thomas - Tom doesn’t really have a least favourite place. Typical Tom finds the good in every spot we stop.

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