The Set-up Q’s

What do you travel in?

A 2010 Prado and a 2016 jayco starcraft outback poptop (17.58-3 for the product numbers people out there). We have to say, the Prado is an amazing tow vehicle, it is limited to 2.5t but for a small van like ours or a camper trailer we highly recommend looking at the Prado.


Do we like our setup?

Yep, sure do. Of course there are changes we would like to make and might make in the future but for right now, it suits us just fine.


Would you upgrade to a full-size van?

Nope. To be honest, the first few months of our trip we contemplated it, then we just fell in love with ours and now if anything (or if Claire gets her way) we would ditch the van all together, change cars and stop towing.


Do you free camp?

Yes, we have free camped quite a few times before, we enjoy it. Of course it depends on where we are free camping. Majority of the paces we have stayed have been caravan parks. We Ove the security, the playgrounds, having a laundry and mostly the social side of a caravan park. We have met some amazing and lifetime friends in caravan parks and our kids get to play with other kids in the park too.


What upgrades have been done to your car?

Heavy duty suspension in rear, 2inch lift, rear airbags with high pressure sleeve (no, not the airbags that pop out when you crash), heavy duty clutch, tow mirrors, diesel pre fuel filter, coopers tyres (discoverer all terrain), draws, fridge slide, dual batteries, apple car play (most important). Thats all we can think of for the min, we havent done a great deal to the car. 

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