The Personal Q’s

How old were your kids when you started travelling?

Halen was 2 and Varli was 1 - she had only just started walking.



How long do you plan on travelling for?

No idea at this stage, we have got ourselves into a nice travel and work very occasionally balance thats working just fine.



Where are you from?

Brisbane. Tom grew up in Brisbane and Claire moved there some years ago and we met in Bris, had our house in Bris and Toms family is all in Bris. We did however spend 18 months on the Central coast (between Newcastle and Syd) and thats where we prepared ourselves for our trip, so in someways the coast feels a little homey too and Claires family are there.



Do you plan on settling down in Bris or the Coast?

We have no idea. There are pros and cons to both so we will wait until we feel like being in a house and one spot again to decide.



What does Tom do for work?

He is a specialised sparky. High voltage tester.


Do you home school?

Our kids are still a few years off schooling, so not currently. If we are still travelling when they are school age then yes we would consider home schooling.

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