The Money Q’s

How do you afford to travel?

This question annoys me a little bit. I guess im still old fashioned when it comes to money - mind your business 😂 (in the nicest way possible)

But we do get asked an awful lot, so here is my quick 2 cents on the subject.

We have savings, we sold a house and we still run Toms company which means he does a touch of work every couple of months.

If you are dead set keen to pack it all up and go, you will work out your own means to do it. Knowing how another family has done it wont really help you do it, as everyones circumstances are different. Sounds a bit harsh I know but after meeting and being in contact with so many travelling families (and I’m talking close to 100 families) you quickly learn that every single one of us have done it differently. Some saved for years before taking off. Some sold a property an just used that cash. Some are on long service leave. Some are working long the way. Quite a few families have fifo workers. You get my point. Make it work for you, its worth it.



How much do you spend a week?

I feel a little bit about this question the same as the “how do you afford to” question but I know this one gives you a rough (very very rough) idea of what to budget for, especially if you are saving before leaving.

About 6 months into our new lifestyle we stopped tracking. We set out with a $1000 a week budget, some weeks we hit that and some weeks we were even half that. So once again a really tough question to answer.

It will always come down to how you want to travel, how many kids you have, free camping vs caravan parks, how slow or fast you travel but we would happily recommend between $700-$1000 a week to travel the way we do.

So we have 2 toddlers, we pay for Netflix and Stan, rego and insurance for car and van, health insurance and thats possibly it out of our pocket. We do activities like scuba diving, fishing charters, cruises etc We eat lunches and  dinners out occasionally, we buy “fancy” coffee beans and we drink alcohol - that should give you an idea of how we live and what we get for our money.


How much did you spend on your set up?

Not entirely sure to be honest, we just didn't track it. We sold our 2005 Prado and purchased a second hand 2010 Prado. It had a few basic mods already done so we simply upgraded a few things.

Our van we also purchased second hand. Its a 2016 model and we were lucky to find it and snap it up as its such a popular caravan.

If you came to this section to get an idea of what to spend on a car and caravan similar to ours, Im going to say anywhere between $40,000 and $80,000. I know, I know, massive range there but the price for cars and caravans vary so much, so giving you an actual cost is impossible. 

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