You’ve got mail – 5 simple steps to receiving mail on the road

Receiving parcels, letters and bills (if you still have them) while on the road seems almost impossible but We are here to tell you exactly how easy it is and how we manage our mail while travelling.

Our top 5 mail tips:

1. The Australian post app - absolute genius and our main way of handling our mail. Available on both iPhone and android, this is by far the easiest option to pick and choose where your mail will be sent. We have received countless parcels in the last 12 months, from friends and family and those sneaky online orders (sorry Tom). Its simple, download the app, register for an account, then add either a post office collection or a 24/7 parcel locker, the app will generate your own special address to use. We personally prefer the parcel lockers. It allows us to collect our mail outside of post office hours and avoid those pesky line ups. If you happen to move from one place to another before your delivery arrives, no worries, just jump on the app and redirect your mail to a new location. simples.


2. Go paperless. We live in a modern techno filled world so embrace it. Bills, statements, even down to your rego and licensing all has an online option. It’s quicker, far more convenient, better for the environment and the perfect way to organise your bills on the road.


3. Staying in a caravan park? Then have your mail sent to the front office. We always recommend checking with the staff first but in all the parks we have stayed, we have always been able to have mail delivered. Chances are, they are more than happy to hold it for you.


4. We also have a PO BOX (for business reasons) and for those pesky places that insist on sending paper mail every now and then. My sister checks our PO BOX for us and we are notified by email when ever mail arrives so we can stay on top of it. Why not have your mail directed to a trusted family member or for a small fee grab your own PO BOX


5. We are lucky enough to have friends and family all over the country, we have also made new friends along the way. On more than one occasion we have had parcels sent to their place knowing we would be there in the next few weeks. You will be surprised at how many people are willing to help.


Thats it. 5 simple options to get you and your mail sorted.



Need help with the post office app, feel free to drop us an email or contact us via instagram or facebook.

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