Storage solutions for your pop top

Fitting your entire life into a caravan can be a daunting task. Fitting your entire life into a poptop caravan can feel almost impossible but you know what? It can be done and done with ease.

Storage solutions is one of the most asked questions and it’s a lot of the reason people choose a full size van over a poptop. So we are going to share some of our tips and tricks on fitting everything you need into a smaller van.

7 storage ideas for your pop top


     1.  Roll your clothes! Seems so simple, and well, thats because it is. Not only can you surprisingly fit more clothes into a space, it also helps avoids wrinkles. So get rolling.


     2.  Pop up boxes for under bed storage, you know those really cheap ones made from a thick cardboard? We picked ours up from bunnings but have seen them in ikea and kmart, they fit perfectly. Great spot to pop those extra toiletries, medical, winter clothes etc.


     3.  Kmart has the goods when it comes to kitchen storage. For under $50 I was able to pick up enough storage containers with lids that seal, to store our flour, rice, pasta, oats, sugars you name it. Not only that, but we also grabbed the perfect sized trays for our pantry and even fridge to organise spreads, herbs, fruit and veg, kids snacks and anything else you need to pack. They are all light, don’t take up to much room but make your life more organised and in turn, you can fit more in.


      4.  Im sure you have heard it before, but less is more. We have 1 fry pan and 1 medium size pot for cooking and after 12 months, we haven’t needed anything more. So when packing your kitchen, halve what you think you need.


     5.  Vacuum bags have also been a big space saver for us. We store our spare sheets, winter blankets and bulky winter jackets all in vacuum bags. They stay fresh and don’t smell dusty. Its always surprising how small the bags can get once the air has gone.


     6.  Our storage boot in our caravan isn’t quite big enough for everything we need. So we popped a storage box on the roof of our car. We chose to store Toms tools, our floor mat and the walls to our awning in the box as these are not things we use every day.


     7.  Kids toys… the hardest one to crack, right. A lot of people suggest a box at the end of the kids bed but we have little one and there is no way they will sleep if their toys are in their bed. So, we bought a small tub that fits right into a cupboard. This tub fits a huge amount of toys and thats because we pop the toys into  calico bags. We have a train set in a bag with 15 trains in another, building magnets in a bag, a couple of puzzles in a bag, cars in a bag, you get my point. Sounds crazy but trust me, this system works!


See, who needs a full size van?!


It only takes 1 or 2… or 7 tricks to create a whole lot of extra storage. You will be absolutely surprised at just how much space there is in a pop top van. We created so much extra space using these few tips that we were actually able to pack our full sized espresso machine and coffee grinder with ease.

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