What a wonderful place. We will be visiting again, and hopefully in the warmer months.

Paris in the winter is magical, there is just a warm glow over the entire city, everyone is in high Christmas spirits and while the touristy areas are packed and very busy, the small lane ways and beautiful cafes are empty.

As for what we got up to, well not a massive amount. Tom and I find ourselves just wandering around, it's how we like to see things, and as much as possible avoid the touristy things in the cities, so lets just get this out in the open....

No we did not go into the Louvre.. No we did not climb the Notre Dame.. No we did not do a dinner cruise down the Seine.. No we did not go to the top of the Eiffel tower or the Arc de Triomph.. we lasted 10 mins walking down Champs Elysse before catching a metro out of there.. No we did not put a lock on a bridge.. No we did not eat frogs legs or snails.. and No, we did not in fact step foot in one art gallery or museum. So what exactly did we do in Paris then?

We spent a majority of our time walking and wandering the streets, stopping in at hole in the wall cafes and people watching as thousands would walk past. We sampled a lot of French treats and of course took a liking to macaroons which are available on every corner in Paris i swear. Having a whole week to eat like the French eat was simply not long enough, we found the food so fresh and readily available. Stumbling upon farmers markets and fresh produce most days was so good, we would grab fruit for snacks (whenever we were not munching on macaroons that it)

The Moulin Rouge is about as touristy as we got, and well worth it. What a stunning performance and an amazing show. They do pack you into tiny little tables like sardines and it took 1.5hours to get us into the place, but we cannot talk highly enough about it. A highlight was the girl swimming in the water tank with 5 huge pythons, there was a bit of panic as one got almost the whole way out of the tank before the performer grabbed it. Such a shame we counldnt sneak a photo or two.

We went and had a look at the glass pyramid that is part of the Louvre, once again a stunning piece of architecture, we took photos and had a good laugh at the people waiting in line. To us, its just not worth our time.. not this trip anyways.

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