A step back in time

 Sure we left Adelaide, but we did not go far, in fact we made it one whole hour down the road. We arrived at Victor Harbor and were greeted with a quaint little town. It had such a good feel about it, we were happy to arrive. We chose a great caravan park on arrival and quickly set up. Lucky for us there was a playground opposite our site, so the kids could play while we pottered and got things ready for our stay. It’s still raining and miserable so we decided to hang around camp for the afternoon, let the kids play and get some chores and a bit of work done. A late afternoon movie just topped our day off.

Waking to the sound of light rain, we knew instantly that we wouldn’t be getting on the famous horse drawn tram to Granite Island today. Never mind though, we had a little list of other things to do. We drove a short way to The Bluff, by the time we arrived the blue sky was appearing, rain was really light, light enough for us to decide to tackle the short walk to the top, also known as the Rosetta trail. Due to the steep climb and rocky path we decided to pop the kids in their packs and carry them up to the top. The views from the moment we started were spectacular and we couldn’t help ourselves but stop and take photos every few minutes. Finally reaching the top, we climbed a massive boulder and took in the scenery. Time to head back down the hill.

Giving the kids lunch in the car, we took off towards Second Valley. Having a local tell us this was South Australia’s best beach! We thought that was a big call and best to check it out. She was not wrong, it was just stunning. Is it SA’s best though? We jumped out of the car and decided to explore the unusual rocks. We had heard there was a cave around and wanted to find it for ourselves. Both kids were collecting shells, shark eggs and cuttlefish, it’s so nice to watch them on the sand again. We did find the cave, but it was far too dangerous to take the littles up there, so we watched others climb and put it on the list for when they’re a touch older.

Deciding to continue driving down and around the coast while the rain continued we came across Rapid Bay. Yet another picture perfect, turquoise beach and it sure did rival Second Valley. We could see a few caves further down the beach but they were cut off by high tide.

With the rain really set in and a high wind warning coming from our caravan park, we decided to head home so we could tie our awning down and secure some loose items in preparation for the storm. Looks like a lazy afternoon with a few movies is in order.


Another dreary day. We drove past the horse drawn tram and again decided it wasn’t worth being stuck on the island with the kids in the rain. So unfortunately, we missed out. We decided to take another drive, this time through Deep Creek National Park. We had been told by many locals and travellers that Deep Creek was well worth the visit. Our first stop was the Deep Creek waterfalls, a good 2-3 hour hike from the closest carpark. As we got out of the car and prepared to get the kids in their carriers, we felt the first drop of rain, then another and before we knew it, it was pouring. Back in the car and no waterfall walk for us today.

We decided to go and tackle some 4WD tracks. Having a quick chat to the Ranger he pointed us in the direction of Blowhole Beach. Driving through the rain on dirt roads, Tom loved splashing through the mud. We found the road down to Blowhole Beach with 4WD only signs, we knew this would be fun. The dirt road started fine, then all of a sudden it got steep, and steep and steep. We went nose first down the hill and the landscape opened up. Wide, green rolling hills met the ocean. Cliff faces and gentle slopes. Farm land and coves. Finding a perfect spot for lunch, we watched the waves of clouds roll in over Kangaroo Island then over us then disappear. After lunch, we drove as far as the path would take us, jumped out for a quick stroll then started the drive back up the steep hill. Further along the road we took another path towards the ocean. This path wasn’t as exciting but when we reached the bottom we all got out for a walk and to do some kangaroo watching... there were heaps!

On our way home we saw a sign for a waterfall and took our chance. Jackpot. It was a short stroll, flat ground, and no rain. The waterfall was beautiful, with great big rocks we could climb on through the stream. There’s just something so relaxing about waterfalls. So glad we took a chance and found this one.

Home. Dinner. Bed. Another day exploring is done.

Our days at Victor Harbor had come to an end. We just love this stretch of coastline and look forward to coming back to see and do the things we missed.


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