Mirani in 1 day

Day 1 -

An hour West of Mackay you will find the small little township of Mirani. The town itself is full of character and country people and its the perfect gateway to Finch Hatton. We suggest a full day when heading into Finch Hatton. There are two main walks to do. One really long one, a bit tough with young kids (we opted not to do this one as we carry our kids and it was far to long) but it does take you to the gorge. The other one is shorter and suitable for medium level hiking, theres lots of ups and lots of downs, but it leads you to a beautiful waterfall. From Finch Hatton you can drive to Eungella and explore the National Park. There are many paths, walks and looksouts to see. You can check out the map here. Top tips: A hiking baby/toddler carrier is recommended here. The paths can be steep and rocky. Pack plenty of water. Be aware of leeches. Put on some repellent before we set off into the forrest

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