Atherton Tablelands in 5 days

Atherton is one of the most scenic places we have visited, it's also filled with plenty to see and do. Grab some comfortable clothes and some decent walking shoes and get ready for some serious exploring.


Day 1 -

Start the morning the best way.. with coffee. A short drive will take you to Mareeba, there you will find Coffee Works. We highly recommend doing the coffee tastings, now if you don't like coffee, that's ok, because the tastings are more than just coffee, it's chocolate and liqueurs as well. Coffee works know how to cater to the littles as well, so don't be afraid to take them with you.

Buzzing after your coffee hit, head back into town to a little place called Crystal Caves. You will see the crazy looking car parked on the street, so you know you are close. Take the self guided tour and allow yourself a good 1.5 hours to enjoy the sites and check out the shop, maybe even try your hand at cracking your own geode. This place is just magic and yes, kid friendly!


Day 2 -

It's time to see these famous waterfalls. This is the easiest, well marked drive you will do. All the waterfalls are so close to each other and all signed to tell you exactly where to go. Trust us when we say, you will need a whole day. Majority of the falls are a short walk from the carpark, there are a couple that you can see from high up, or trek further down, entirely up to you.

Our favourite falls were of course Millaa Millaa but also Ellinjaa.


Day 3 -

There are so many natural wonders here in Atherton but we have chosen these three to do all in one day. Curtain Tree Fig, Platypus Park and Hypipamee National Park (the crater) are on the cards for today. The drives between each location are easy and not too far at all.

We do recommend visiting the platypus park later in the afternoon as the platypus are a little bit more active and it might increase your chances of seeing them.

Hypipamee National park is home to the big crater, it's breathtaking and certainly very high. The path is about 800 meters long and an easy walk, although some of the path does get narrow and drops off one side, so if taking the little ones, just beware.

Day 4 -

Everyone needs a day to relax, so we suggest packing a picnic lunch, swimmers and towels and head out to Lake Eacham. It's easy to spend an entire day here swimming and watching the wildlife. If you have a canoe or kayak, here's the perfect place to bring it.


Day 5 -

This hidden gem is another perfect day visit, so pack lunch, swimmers and plenty of water and drive out to Emerald Creek Falls. With a beautiful walking track that takes about an hour, or in our case 1.5 hours because we let the kids walk this one. Then spend the afternoon swimming in the natural pools.


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