My oh my Mirani

Not a place we had planned to stay at to start with but a place we are so glad we did. About an hour outside of Mackay, we needed a stopping point along our journey. Tom has some family based here so we thought, why not stop in and catch up.

We stayed at a large open caravan park, it had everything we needed including views of cane fields because no one could possibly be sick of viewing cane fields right.

We caught up with some distant relatives of Tom’s that night at the Mirani pub. What a great surprise that little place was, for a town of not much, they sure know a whole lot about hospitality. Making us feel welcome and setting our kids up with biggest play area choc-a-block full of toys. The menu was wide and it took a while to pick what to eat, the kid’s menu was great and we were all set for a good night of food and drink. Thank you for the warm welcome Mirani.

After advice from the locals, we extended our stay to give us a full day at Finch Hatton. We prepared for the day and made the drive to the gorge. Arriving at our starting point, we popped varli into our carrier (seriously, how amazing and handy are baby carriers!) and let Halen walk this one. We took off along the path, not really sure where we were headed or what we were about to see, that’s all part of the excitement.

It was beautiful! Dense rainforest, a narrow compact dirt path with the occasional stone steps so fairly easy going. It got steep, then really steep, then flat again but we powered on determined to find an end goal. Halen was walking so well, hanging on to Tom’s hand most of the way while Claire carried Varli. This is the ultimate workout.

We came to a fork in our path, one way leading to the gorge — another 6k’s at least, or the other way leading us to a waterfall. Our choice today was easy. Waterfall all the way, we were not experienced enough to walk with both the kids the other way. We added the longer walk to our “us a bit fitter and kids a bit older” list. Making it to the waterfall made this hot and muggy trek so worth it.

With daylight running out and plans to leave Mirani tomorrow, we decided to take a quick drive up through Eungella National Park. We are so glad to have made that decision, the scenery in these mountains was simply stunning. We contemplated extending our stay to explore a little more, but the beach was calling. It was time to dig our feet into some sand!

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