Hello Agnes, our old friend


It’s nice to see you once again.

While Agnes waters and 1770 is quite a familiar site for us, it’s always welcoming to be back. Mind you, this time around it was a little different. Caravan instead of a swag or back of the troopy. Kids instead of just the two of us and busy, like unbelievably busy compared to quiet relaxed town we have previously experienced.

We don’t often pre book places to stay as we prefer not to be locked in, we like to come and go as we please. That was a mistake this time, we were unable to stay at Agnes, so we ventured all the way out to 1770. A beautiful little spot right on the water however, we were crammed in like sardines and wouldn’t recommend staying here during peak season. Planning for only 2 nights here we didn’t mind so much.

Parked up, settled in and right to the water we went. If you have heard of 1770 you would know about their drop dead amazing sunsets that happen right over the water. So we set ourselves up for an afternoon of water play, sand digging, boat watching and a few cold ones as the sun went down. Perfection.

We were up and ready to go and tackle Deepwater National Park, just a short drive from Agnes. A place surprisingly we hadn’t been too familiar with. Taking the 4WD only access, we navigated tight corners and soft sand to reach the most beautiful stretches of unspoilt beaches. One after the other we reached, and each beach slightly different. A day spent in the water is a day well spent.

1770 is also known for it’s lookouts and walks through the bush to reach these look outs. We knew it would be a big ask with the kids but we were determined to tackle at least one decent walk. Strapping Varli into her carrier, we let Halen walk and we were off. Heading through the bush and up a slight hill. The path was fairly easy going and Halen was having a ball, running ahead, jumping down steps and picking up all kinds of sticks and leaves. Making it to a lookout was such a big achievement for him, we knew from then we would be able to do some of the bigger walks while travelling Australia. The views are incredible and a must see for yourself.

While we are usually sad to say goodbye to Agnes, we were glad to be back on the road this time, and heading to a quiet place.

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