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So many and I really mean sooo so many people had recommended the Gregory Downs free camp, so of course that was our next stop. The entire road there was tarred, so the drive was fairly easy.

We arrived in Gregory mid afternoon and clearly on a busy travelling day, the free camp was packed. But we were very lucky to sneak one of the last spots right under a big shady tree. It didn’t take long for the kids and Tom to go and check out the crystal clear creek that made this camp so popular. Being fast flowing it was a hit with kids (and bigger kids) to float from the top to the bottom on any form of inflatable, from big swans to thongs to your traditional donut ring. Early night for us as we had planned for a huge day heading into Lawn Hill in the morning.

Hello Lawn Hill day! Hearing mixed reviews about whether the drive in is worth it or not, we were excited to find out for ourselves. We knew full well that the road is tough and that it would be a rough bumpy ride in but with low tyre pressure and driving to the conditions, we made it right into Lawn Hill with no issues at all. We passed quite a few caravans along the way and both agreed that the choice we made to leave the van at Gregory for the day instead of camping in Lawn Hill was for the best.

Turning the last bend into the carpark it surprised us just how many cars were there already. We decided to walk in to the info section and find out just what our plans were for the day. Picking up a free walking map then heading down to the canoes to suss it all out. Both kids were excited to see the canoes and we thought that would be our best option but trying to get a 1 year old to put on her life vest was not worth the screams and dramas that it was causing, so we opted to hit the walking tracks instead and we are so glad we did.

We grabbed the kids carriers, water, sunscreen and hats and headed off on the track along the water towards Indarri Falls. Letting the kids walk, taking it slow and letting them explore the track, we slowly made it to a fork in the road. One way being shorter than the other but with the same end result. Being advised by people coming back from the longer section that there was an incredibly steep climb that might be slightly harder with the kids, we opted for the shorter route. We strapped the kids into their carriers for the last section and glad we did because there was quite a steep rocky climb down to the falls. It was all so worth it! The view when you arrive at the twin falls is breathtaking.

Navigating to a space around the other few people that had made it there, we unpacked the kids, stripped off and jumped into the cold water with no hesitation (well maybe a slight hesitation from Claire who is not a fan of any cold water). Swimming to the falls and back, showing the kids the fish under the water, splashing and shivering, we spent a great amount of time here. Claire even had a chance to test out her new 50/50 split dome, although the photos were not great it was a lot of fun testing it out for the first time.

Our time here was done. We needed to warm the kids up and head back to the car.

It would be easy to spend a few days here, there are plenty of walking tracks to do and different sections to see. For now, we had seen enough to be so grateful we chose to visit.

As the saying goes, you can't see everything the first time or there’ll be nothing to see when you come back.

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