Corindi – The hidden gem

Home away from home.

Corindi has and always will be one of our most favourite spots. Why? Because it’s relaxing. Corindi consists of a caravan park, pub, small grocer/takeaway, coffee shop and well thats it really. Its all about location.

It was a no-brainer that this would be a stop of ours along the NSW coast. As we drive down the familiar highway, turn off and head towards the coast we were excited. This was our first time staying here in a caravan and we were placed in quite a tight spot right on the corner. A parking tester for Tom and of course the smart arse nailed it.

Pretty sure this was our quickest set up ever, we were keen to get to that beach. Corindi beach is the reason we visit. The beach has so many rock pools and perfect flat swimming holes for the kids. So that was us for the next few days.

Wake up. Swim. Eat. Swim. Build sandcastle. Swim. Sleep.

Sometimes the best places for the kids and ourselves are the quiet, hassle free ones. This place is just that.

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