Yip Yip Yeppoon


This is one place Claire was excited to see. Hearing nothing but amazing things about this small town, we were glad to finally be visiting. We chose to stay at Coolwaters caravan park in Kinka beach, just on the outskirts of Yeppoon town. This was our first time staying in a caravan park with all the bells and whistles. We’re talking massive waterslides, splash park, playgrounds, jumping pillows, basketball courts and more. We knew we would be comfortable here for a while.

After spending a day using the facilities and relaxing, we thought it was time to venture out and see what Yeppoon had to offer. With a small town centre filled with boutique shops, it was only natural we did a spot of shopping. All shopped out we jumped in the car to slowly drive the coastline back to Kinka.

Just North of Yeppoon is a small place called Cooberrie Park. Not knowing what to expect, we paid our way, grabbed two bags of food and went in. What a great little find! We let both our kids walk around and explore the park under their terms and us parents just followed along. We were greeted with an abundance of kangaroos, all so friendly and it didn’t take them long to discover our food bags. Watching Halen’s confidence grow and him working up the courage to go and hand feed the roos was special, seeing as most of the roos were a whole lot bigger than him. We did spend most of our time sitting in the grass and watching the countless baby joeys making an appearance. We made our way very slowly through the park, we saw koalas, emus, cassowaries, crazy, crazy cassowaries (we were thankful these ones were behind the fence because they wanted to fight), dingoes, reptiles, ducks a whole lot of ducks, crocs. We easily spent our entire day here.

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Up early and prepared for an entire day driving and exploring. Destination - Byfield National park.

North we go and straight into the park. We knew we were headed straight to Stockyard point and we knew getting there was going to be fun. Stopping to let our tyres out, we gathered our bearings and were ready to hit the sand dunes. We had been warned previously that Byfield was known for soft sand and tough tracks so we were prepared for the worst. The track however was fine, soft but easily drivable with low pressure in your tyres. Arriving at Stockyard point was nothing like we had seen before. Full 180 degree views of the coastline. Changing watercolours and scattered islands. We chose this opportunity to give the kids some lunch with a view.

The kids feel asleep in no time as we got into the car. We were ready to navigate the sand dunes back to the main road. Bumping around and gliding along the sand we hit the dirt road and cruised back out to the highway. The temptation of steak burgers and beers was to strong so we stopped into Byfield general store to grab some lunch for us big people. Great feed and a beautiful spot to stop, the two little ones just loved their choccy milkshakes. Back into the car we go, and back out of the car we go. FLAT TYRE. Yup, it was bound to happen at some stage and today was the day. Changing the flat, we were back on our way. Halen and Varli were getting a touch cranky in the car so we decided to head back into Yeppoon to get our tyre fixed and pick up a second spare. Home in the van. Another day done.

Seeing as the kids loved their time with the animals at Cooberrie, we thought we would take them into Rockhampton to the free zoo. We wouldn’t exactly call it a zoo but there are a range of animals to visit and it makes for a good day out. Next to the zoo is a huge park, the best kind of place to burn off some energy. We were ready to be there for the next few hours. With warn out kids, we headed back to our van and an afternoon in the splash park.

Close by to Yeppoon is a small town called Emu Park. This is a must visit town. Honesty it’s beautiful. Driving up to the main headland there is a large white, very vivid white ship looking thing, you cant miss it. This ship, it sings with the wind. It is so eerie to hear but absolutely mesmerising. In town itself is one of the most beautifully painted walls we have come across. Painted by the talented Rosie Woods, we couldn’t resist taking a few photos.

We felt like we got to know Yeppoon and its surrounds. We feel like we fell in love with this place and cant wait to get back (even more so now that the brand new waterfront lagoon is complete). Until next time Yeppoon.

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