Two days in Daintree

Two days exploring the Daintree and Cape Tribulation

We packed up and said goodbye to Cairns Coconut as we headed further north, driving a short two hours we made it to our campsite at Pinnacle Village in Wonga. A good size, no fuss holiday park. Situated right on the beach, it has everything we needed, basic amenities, laundry, swimming pool and plenty of space for the kids to run wild.

After a quick set up, we jumped back in the car to go for a drive further north to see what we could find. A short 10 km’s down the road we found ourselves at the Daintree village, with not a lot happening there we did a lap of the main street and decided to follow the river to find the CREB track.

Now this is where the drive gets interesting and the beautiful country comes alive. Snaking along the river we were able to spot a few crocs lazing on the sandy banks, but with the rain coming they didn’t seem stay around too long.

We drove through some of the greenest farmland we have seen. Claire was desperate to get a classic head shot of the caramel coloured cows, so we pulled over and tried, over and over again but they did not like the look of her and bolted each time. No cow shot today.

Driving along the landscape changed so dramatically and we found ourselves in thick rain forest, with it now raining pretty consistently, we decided to just stay in the car and keep going. Then finally, we found it, the start of the CREB track. Reading the sign our inner adventurers wanted to just tackle it, reading the sign below it that says “If you go, there is no tow” we decided its probably best to let it go this time around, seeing as we were on our own.

Back home we went. Day 1 done and dusted.







The day we have been waiting for.

Packed for a full day of adventure, we travelled across the ferry without too much of a wait and drove right through the rainforest to Cape Tribulation. Jumping out at the main car park, we headed straight to the sand (no crocs were spotted) and let the kids have a run around. We decided to check out the path through the forest and up to the small look out and again no crocs were spotted. With Cape Trib done it was time to walk some of the Daintree. Marrdja Boardwalk was our first stop, strapping the two kids into their carriers we took off along the easy path through the forest leading to an old wooden boardwalk over the mangroves. With both kids tired by this point we walked quickly and headed back to the car to move on.

Seeing a group of cars stopped down a side road, we decided to turn and see what they were looking at. We are glad we did as we learnt of a massive landslide that had happened just a few days earlier. Looking into the mountains, the damage was clear to see. Deciding to drive further down the side street, we passed the most beautiful causeway but noticed the water was a cloudy bright blue colour and thought it was odd. Claire jumped out to take some photos only to be greeted by the owner of a nearby property. She spoke to us about the landslide and said her entire house shook from the event. She also told us that the water here is normally crystal clear but since the slide, the fish had gone, even the birds haven’t quite come back yet and theres a strange white foam on the water. It was clear to see the damage from the slide had affected those at the bottom of the forest.

As we were on route for the rainforest walk right near the discovery centre, both kids fell fast asleep (the joys of travelling with a 1 and 2 year old) so we drove right on past and headed for the ferry. So with a quick stop at the lookout, a short drive down Cape Kimberley road to a nice quiet little beach and we were back at the ferry and in line again to cross the river once more.

We came. We saw. We loved. We are exhausted.

The huge fig at Pinnacle holiday park
Taking a stroll along a quiet road right before we hit the rainforest.
The frosty blue waters due to the landslide. Hard to believe these were crystal clear.
Best purchase while on the road, our Macpac. Fits both kids as well as enought storage for lunch, drink bottles and any extras we need.
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